Cloud Computing

SwitchIT Cloud Solutions (IaaS) allow customers to enjoy computing resources on a Pay As You Go basis.  Customers can access data, applications, and services from any location over the internet. You rent IT infrastructure – Servers and virtual machines (VMs), storage, networks, operating systems and more. SwitchIT provides a turnkey secured cloud and network solution for IT units. The Private Cloud and Network enables your company to maximize managed cloud services, while allowing your IT team to manage the enterprise’s private cloud easily, quickly and with maximum uptime.

Cloud Advantages

Migration to the cloud ensures ROI on the infrastructure as opposed to owning the hardware:
  • Moving to the cloud provides ROI on cloud infrastructure in comparison to hardware. Transition from CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Moving to cloud offsets the need to deal with hardware, ranging from power outages, through storage issues, power consumption, cooling, and backup.
  • Migration to the cloud enables cost savings by modular resources consumption.
  • Moving to cloud prevents “surprises” such as – damaged hardware, electricity costs, and downtime.
  • Payments are fixed and on a monthly basis or Pay As You Go basis.
  • Shortening the implementation cycle for new IT needs – setting up servers in minutes, quickly connecting branch offices to a private network and to the cloud.
  • Each server on the cloud enjoys automatic redundancy, a stable and secure infrastructure, straightforward SLA (Service Level Agreements) for uptime and high performance

SwitchIT Cloud solution for companies and IT teams

  • Virtual cloud environment with virtual servers in a self-managed survivable environment.
  • Private secure MPLS communications from the office to the cloud
  • Servers created in just one click using a local Azure-based automation system
  • Fast and secure Internet connection
  • Common types of firewalls
  • Layers 2/3 firewall security for each server in the data center
  • Cloud-based backup solution.