Backup Set stuck in “Backup not yet finished” or “In Progress” status

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If a running backup is interrupted abruptly such as closing the lid on your laptop or shutting down your computer before the backup finishes, it should simply time-out and pick up where it left off the next time the backup is started.

On occasion the client will get stuck in “running” state when nothing is actually happening.  To resolve this issue:

    1. Stop the service called “Online Backup Scheduler” (Start -> Run -> services.msc -> Right click service name -> Stop)
    2. Start -> Run -> %USERPROFILE% -> OK
    3. Navigate into the either of the folders named “.obm” or “.acb” and then into “\ipc\BackupSet\%BackupSetID%\” (you will see a %BackupSetID% folder for each backup set, so check each of them)
    4. Check to see if there is a file name called “Running”, and if so, please delete the file.
    5. Start up the “Online Backup Scheduler” service again.